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Communication interoperability solution

Today’s warfighter has an urgent requirement for cross-banding voice communications over SINCGARS and the entire spectrum of the AN/PRC-117G Falcon III (ANW2, SRW, SATCOM, UHF and VHF) waveforms.

PTS Power Supply Docking Stations (PSDS) can meet these requirements today with a reliable, low cost and lightweight communication interoperability solution.


  • Combines the reliability of the PTS PSDS with C-AT® ICRI® cross-banding device, ICRI® model ICRI-2PM
  • Allows cross-banded voice communication across multiple waveforms and radio platforms
  • Allows the addition of network/data routers and other third party devices thru the use of the PSDS Expansion Bay
  • Lowers unit operational expenses by using existing technologies to provide next generation communications and capabilities
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