PTS, Inc. is proud to support our troops by providing a Tactical Radio Expeditionary Kit (E-Kit™) with customizable components in order to establish tactical communications in a Command Post. PTS E-Kit™ supports SINCGARS ASIP, PRC-117F/G, PRC-152, PRC-150 (HF) and PSC-5 (SATCOM) tactical radios that are currently fielded throughout the military. PTS E-Kit™ components are normally included in a unit’s first lift of equipment. PTS E-Kit™ is available for purchase via the DLA Tailored Logistics Support Contract (TLS).


  • Power Supply Docking Station (PSDS)
  • Portable Power System
  • Integrated mast / antenna
  • Solar Blanket
  • Transit cases (2)
    * tactical radios are user provided

Installation Sequence

  • Tactical radios and RFPAs are installed in the PSDS
  • Fiberglass rapid action UHF/VHF integrated mast / antenna is unrolled and installed using LMR-400 Ultraflex antenna cables
  • Portable power system is connected to the PSDS
  • Solar blankets are connected to the power source to provide a continuous battery charge


  • Small footprint
  • Quick and simple set-up
  • Lightweight proven technology
  • Intuitive operation
  • Minimal training required
  • Customizable to mission requirements
  • Standalone DC power source
  • Solar blanket charging of power supply
  • Tactical communications operational in 20 minutes or less

Component Descriptions

Power Supply Docking Station (PSDS)

  • Over 6000 in use by military units
  • Clean and consistent power for tactical radios
    mall, lightweight alternative to heavy tactical radio IK and mounts
  • Integrated cross-bander option
  • Automatic voltage and frequency selection
    • Worldwide AC voltage input: 85 to 260 VAC
    • Worldwide frequency input: 47 to 440 Hz
  • Built-in power surge protection
  • 22-32 VDC input
  • High fidelity built-in speaker
  • Remote LS-671 speaker connection

Portable Power System

  • Operational with six (6) BB-2590/U rechargeable batteries integrated in watertight container
  • Standalone power supply or uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • Solar blankets available to recharge batteries
  • AC input enables battery recharging

Integrated Mast / Antenna

  • Combined mast and UHF/VHF antenna
  • Frequency:
    • VHF- 30 to 108 MHz
    • UHF- 225 to 512 MHz
  • Max Power:
    • VHF- 25W
    • UHF- 50W